[typo] application error, typo could not be reached

mathew meta at pobox.com
Wed Jun 7 11:29:59 EDT 2006

arvind s grover wrote:
> i have 2 typo installations on site5.com. apparently they were having
> some file system trouble, and when the server came back, one of my admin
> screens won't work.
> i get this message:"
> Application Error
> Typo could not be reached"
> ------------
> site5 support gave me this info:
> There are errors in your application.
> [Tue Jun 6 15:06:49 2006] [error] [client] FastCGI:
> incomplete headers (35 bytes) received from server
> "/home/admin/public_html/dispatch.fcgi"
> Running a rake test shows there are database access problems.
> Mysql::Error: Access denied for user 'admin_typo'@'localhost' to
> database 'typo_tests': DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS typo_tests
> /home/admin/rubyapps/typo-2.6.0/Rakefile:177

Well, the rake test response may or may not be relevant. You should test 
to see if you can actually access your main typo database, perhaps using 
the command line mysql client. You might also look at the logs to see 
what the actual internal error is.


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