[typo] Problem claming typo blog from technorati

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Mon Jan 30 20:42:50 EST 2006

Chris Campbell wrote:
> To claim your blog you need to embed a bit of code for Technorati. I had 
> the same problem with my Typo blog and I'm not sure why it happened. I 
> was able to get the snippet of code to embed before the blank page 
> showed up.
> I emailed Technorati support and after a few days I got a reply, but by 
> then the embedded code was recognized.
> But you haven't got the code to embed to complete the claim, so I think 
> that it's more of a Technorati problem than a Typo problem.

Actually on the topic of Technorati, back when I first "claimed" my blog 
it worked okay after I dumped their crud into an inconspicuous place on 
my layout.

My problem was that the pings didn't always reach Technorati, or they 
reached Technorati and they would ignore them (even manual pings through 
their form on the site itself would fail to work.)

The other Technorati issue I find is that they date posts based on when 
they noticed the update, not when the actual post was dated.  The net 
result is that the one time in a million when the ping does work, a 
flood of a few dozen posts appear on Technorati at the same time.  So I 
have some pretty nasty examples for my own site, where a post is dated 
in the past few months, but the actual real post was back in 2003 or 
2004. :-)

I'm sure these are all Technorati's problems though, and not Typo's.


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