[typo] Problem claming typo blog from technorati

Jesus Roncero jroncero at us.es
Mon Jan 30 11:19:30 EST 2006

Chris Campbell wrote:

> To claim your blog you need to embed a bit of code for Technorati. I 
> had the same problem with my Typo blog and I'm not sure why it 
> happened. I was able to get the snippet of code to embed before the 
> blank page showed up.
> I emailed Technorati support and after a few days I got a reply, but 
> by then the embedded code was recognized.
> But you haven't got the code to embed to complete the claim, so I 
> think that it's more of a Technorati problem than a Typo problem.
Oh, thanks for the replies. I've just sent them an email about this issue.

Jesus Roncero
Cheers from England

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