[typo] Problem claming typo blog from technorati

Jesus Roncero jroncero at us.es
Mon Jan 30 10:01:02 EST 2006

Hi there,
I've been playing for some time now with a typo blog and right now I am 
trying to keep it updated regulary.
The thing is that I am trying to claim it from Technorai, following the 
specified procedure but it fails. I just entered the blog URL (by the 
way is http://blog.notreally.org) in the corresponding input box. Then, 
all I get is a "In progress. Complete Claim now" link, which leads me to 
a page that suggests me to finish the claim process by following the 
instructions, but I get a blank page anyway. I saved a screenshot here: 

Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong? or does anyone else 
experienced this?
BTW, I am running typo version 2.6.0 under apache 2.0 as a default 


Jesus Roncero
Cheers from England

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