[typo] New migration scripts

Scott Bronson bronson at rinspin.com
Fri Jan 27 18:29:33 EST 2006

Typo is pretty notorious for having rough migrations.  This is because
it uses its models to migrate data, even when the schema you're
migrating from is very old.  Current models operating on an ancient
schema?  Madness.

I think I've fixed this by removing all usage of Typo's models from the
migration scripts.  Instead, each script uses its own bare models.
Therefore, the scripts will now work exactly the same way no matter what
version of Typo you have installed.


I've attached a patch this ticket.  The patch is huge (60K), but that's
just because there are a huge number migrate scripts.  Most of the
changes are straightforward.

Any chance of getting it committed?

On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 12:16 -0600, Jason Bainbridge wrote: 
> Sean Hussey wrote:
> >How safe is trunk these days?  I had the exact same question as George.
> Well I've been playing with it on a test site for quite some time and 
> even though I don't use it for my Production blog I haven't experienced 
> any real problems, although I have heard of issues migrating to it from 
> 2.6.0.

If anyone has a database that fails to migrate with these new scripts, please
send me a dump?  I'll bet it will be an easy problem to fix.  :)

    - Scott

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