[typo] Different feeds in the same blog.

Jason Bainbridge typo-list at jasonbainbridge.com
Fri Jan 27 13:16:42 EST 2006

Sean Hussey wrote:

>How safe is trunk these days?  I had the exact same question as George.

Well I've been playing with it on a test site for quite some time and 
even though I don't use it for my Production blog I haven't experienced 
any real problems, although I have heard of issues migrating to it from 

>In fact, I wanted to take it one step further and have hostname-based
>filtering.  So "dev.myblog.com" would show the blog, but only with the
>"dev" posts.  Might I be able to work towards this with the same trunk
I have another email in moderation asking about this (forgot to change 
the from in my email) but just found the answer myself, you can have per 
category and per tag feeds like:


Where in the above example the category is simply "blog" and to display 
the site filtered for just the blog category it is:


So it would be easy enough with some DNS A records or a DNS Wildcard 
plus ServerAlias's to send specific or all subdomains to the one Typo 
instance and then use rewrite rules so Typo can understand such 
requests, example:


would need to point to your Typo install through DNS and a ServerAlias, 
then you would need a rewrite rule to change that to


(I'm too lazy to write that myself right now but it should be easy enough).


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