[typo] head/database issues on TxD

Ali Mills alimills at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 03:02:28 EST 2006

Thanks Justus,

I kept hammering at it and fixed it already.  As it turns out, I was
having Lighttpd issues.  This really shouldn't have been suprising
since every problem that I've had with Typo over the past week has
eventually turned out to be a Lighttpd problem.

Silly server configurations...

Typo's a pretty nice piece of software.  Good work gang.


On 1/24/06, Justus Pendleton <justus at ryoohki.net> wrote:
> On 2006-01-25, Ali Mills <alimills at gmail.com> wrote:
> [details of problem cut]
> What does your log file say? That's usually a good first place to look.
> Justus

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