[typo] Using article offset to split articles between divs?

John Rickards yemighty at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 24 13:54:33 EST 2006


I'm a hopeless Typo/Ruby newbie trying to split my displayed articles 
between column divs on the front page of my template. Is there any way of 
using offset/article limit variables to, say, show article 1 in div 1, 
article 2 in div 2 and articles 3-10 in div 3? (So, div 1 with :limit => 1, 
:offset => 0 - div 2 with :limit => 1, :offset => 1 - and div 3 with :limit 
=> 8, :offset => 2)

I've had a search of the list archives and the Typo trac, but haven't had 
much luck. I'm guessing, from what I know of other blog apps using 
PHP/MySQL, that it'd possibly involve a separate query to the database to 
get the posts for each div, but as I say, hopeless Ruby newbie here. :-)



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