[typo] Heavy RAM usage? Instability?

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Tue Jan 24 00:23:54 EST 2006

edavis10 at gmail.com wrote:

>Stephen Bannasch wrote:
>>According to Julik (a textdrive sysadmin) his experience is that most
>rails apps take between 20-70MB -- 50MB is right in the middle of this
>range. Elsewhere in the posting linked below he talks about minimizing
>the number of fcgi listeners.
That was written a while ago ... I don't know if things have changed, 
but Jason is now saying their Rails apps take up 25-30 MB.

The thing is, 50 MB might or might not be right -- it's hard to judge 
without knowing what Typo is loading. But if other applications can be 
around 30 MB (including mine), then that extra 20 MB should be for 
something that justifies that much memory. Right now, I'm not sure what 
you could load that would take up 20 MB to display a few pages. If it's 
intentional, we should document it, but it might not be intentional, in 
which case it deserves a look.

By the way, the behavior of my Typo is interesting. When it first runs, 
it's around 30MB (before any controllers are invoked). After the first 
page load, it goes up to 50MB.  I load a bunch of pages and it's still 
at 50 MB.  A day or so later, it'll be at 52 MB (during the time I've 
checked, it hasn't been up for more than about a day), and I'm pretty 
sure that no pages besides the ones I loaded earlier are being hit.

>(All of this is moot when I noticed mysqld is taking over 121MB and only
>powers my Typo installs)
Now that's pretty intersting, also. How many Ruby processes do you have 
running at once?


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