[typo] Heavy RAM usage? Instability?

Stephen Bannasch stephen at deanbrook.org
Mon Jan 23 13:32:24 EST 2006

>Hi, Scott,
>Scott Laird wrote:
> >1.  Is the memory usage fairly constant, or is it growing?  There was
> >a memory leak in Rails 0.14.2 (I think) that caused Typo to grow
> >without bound; that leak has been fixed, but there could be other leaks.
> >2.  How much memory is Typo using.  I keep hearing numbers like
> >"lots", but I've only seen one set of numbers so far.
> >
>My own Typo installation is about 50 MB. Very low traffic.  It starts
>off at around 30 MB (like my other Rails apps) and then after the first
>page load goes to 50 MB (unlike other RoR apps, which tend to stay
>around 30 MB unless something unusual is going on). The memory usage on
>my installation of Typo doesn't grow much, although that could be
>because of low volume (I've tested with ab, too, but that doesn't prove
>much). It has gone up 2MB since yesterday, when it was steady around 50 MB.

According to Julik (a textdrive sysadmin) his experience is that most rails apps take between 20-70MB -- 50MB is right in the middle of this range. Elsewhere in the posting linked below he talks about minimizing the number of fcgi listeners.


"A Rails application usually consumes anywhere from 20 to 50-70 Mb per FastCGI dispatcher. If a Rails application is tuned properly this amount should stabilize after about 20 requests and stay the same. "


-- Stephen Bannasch, stephen at deanbrook dot org

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