[typo] Heavy RAM usage? Instability?

Victor Jalencas victor-typo at carotena.net
Mon Jan 23 05:54:09 EST 2006

I'm realizing that if typo allowed for multi-blog installations, perhaps 
I could reduce the memory consumption, because I have like 5 concurrent 
instances of Typo to serve 5 different blogs. If I could combine them 
somehow, a single dispatch would be enough for all of them.

I think I saw someone mentioning that he was working on having this 
happen. I'd definitely benefit of that change, but I realize that this 
implies major architectural changes and that it won't be easy to merge 
these changes into the main codebase, unless the maintainers put a 
voluntary effort to facilitate that.

  Scott, Tobi, what do you say of having Typo be multi-blog capable?


jennyw wrote:
> Hi, Scott,
> Scott Laird wrote:
>  >1.  Is the memory usage fairly constant, or is it growing?  There was 
>  >a memory leak in Rails 0.14.2 (I think) that caused Typo to grow 
>  >without bound; that leak has been fixed, but there could be other leaks.
>  >2.  How much memory is Typo using.  I keep hearing numbers like 
>  >"lots", but I've only seen one set of numbers so far.
>  >
> There's a thread on Text Drive with some info:
> http://forum.textdrive.com/viewtopic.php?id=8371
> Jason, one of the admins, finds that Typon installations on at least one 
> of their servers average 100 MB. I'm not sure what kind of traffic those 
> installations experience, nor what plugins and themes they're using.
> My own Typo installation is about 50 MB. Very low traffic.  It starts 
> off at around 30 MB (like my other Rails apps) and then after the first 
> page load goes to 50 MB (unlike other RoR apps, which tend to stay 
> around 30 MB unless something unusual is going on). The memory usage on 
> my installation of Typo doesn't grow much, although that could be 
> because of low volume (I've tested with ab, too, but that doesn't prove 
> much). It has gone up 2MB since yesterday, when it was steady around 50 MB.
> FYI, loading the front page just now gave me a 503 error. Loading it 
> again worked, and subsequent loads are working.
> Also, the memory usage is pretty consistent with a couple of themes, 
> including Azure and Origami.
> Jen
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