[typo] OpenID authenticated comments example

Brian Ellin brianellin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 14:22:47 EST 2006

I'd love to see Typo with an OpenID server feature.  The Ruby OpenID library
currently does not have server support, though I will be working on that in
the coming months.  Right now I've got my Typo blog delegating to
myopenid.com, and I'm quite happy with it.  This can be accomplished with
just a couple of lines of HTML in the HEAD section of your layout.

TX mentioned something about Typo blogs being able to authenticate each
other in server mode.  This is a great idea, but I'm more interested in
developing OpenID stuff that speaks to *any* OpenID service.  Imagine, for
example, if you only wanted to let your friends comment on your blog, or
friends of friends, or whatever.  This is easily accomplished with FOAF and
OpenID, or a custom whitelist solution.  When someone tries to leave a
comment on the blog, you'll know who they are and you can choose any
algorithm you'd like to see if they can post.  Simple OpenID authed comments
are a step in this direction.

Thanks, Brian

ps - Any hints as to why my form_remote_tag 302 handler does not work under

On 1/17/06, Scott Laird <scott at sigkill.org> wrote:
> > Sweet!
> >
> > Are you going to implement Typo as an OpenID provider as well?  That
> > would be _really_ nifty... then it could almost transparently
> > authenticate all Typo-based blogs with each other (well, except those
> > who turn the feature off, I suppose.)
> That'd be really, deeply cool.  I've wanted this for months, but I've
> kind of failed to implement it.  There's one thing to watch out for--
> it'll be really easy to deadlock on single-thread servers, like
> webrick or fastcgi with 1 process.
> Scott
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