[typo] Page caching and dynamic sidebars

Jared Luxenberg ziplux at comcast.net
Tue Jan 17 13:01:06 EST 2006

I just developed a sidebar plugin that needs to be updated every 5min or
so.  But the problem is, with page caching on it only gets updated when
I post an article or someone posts a comment.  I'm having the same
problem with the audioscrobbler plugin.  I looked in the mailing list
archives and saw that some people were working on this problem, but I
couldn't find a solution.

Should I just wait for fragment caching to be implemented?  Is there any
way I can help with that (I'm an okay Rails programmer)?  Or is there a
quick and dirty short term fix I can use? (besides turning off caching)
It seems like this is kinda a big problem, because the Audioscrobbler
plugin suffers from it too and it is included in the standard Typo

- Jared

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