[typo] Update to 849, sidebars break typo

H. Wade Minter minter at lunenburg.org
Mon Jan 16 13:01:29 EST 2006

I ran a SVN update to release 849 today, and my blog started crashing. 
The usual "Typo failed to start properly" crashes.

I managed to isolate the problem down to sidebars.  If all sidebars are 
removed, the blog will start fine.  If I add one sidebar in the admin 
interface, even a basic one like Archives, Static, or XML Syndication, it 
goes back to crashing.  Remove the sidebar, and it starts.

I've been restarting apache and clearing the cache to try to remove those 
variables.  I'm running Apache2/FCGI on FreeBSD.

Any suggestions on what is broken?


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