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Brian Ellin brianellin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 16:45:13 EST 2006


On 1/7/06, Patrick Lenz <patrick at lenz.sh> wrote:
> Brian,
> a couple of remarks:
> It's great to see progress on authentication systems integration for
> typo. However, this should never replace simple and anonymous comments
> on any blog. It should be completely optional.

I agree with you.  Authenticated comments should be optional, and should
exist alongside simple anonymous comments.  It should be up to the blog
owner to decide which commenting systems they'd like to use, potentially a
mix where those with OpenID may auth, and others may leave anonymous

> It also shouldn't require us to get rid of AJAX comments. Although
> we've had many griefs with it in the past, it's still kind of a unique
> feature that sets us apart from the competition. We should still be
> able to make the redirects work through Javascript (similar to what
> Google does with its services right now where you sign in with your
> Google account, get a little read 'Loading..' in the upper right
> corner and are then redirected to the final, authenticated service
> page).

Agreed.  I don't want to get rid of AJAX comment system (it is cool!), but
just need to be able to intercept the redirect response and use Javascript
to redirect the browser.

Putting the Open ID token in the session will be a bit of work as with
> statically cached pages the session is not available up front.
> However, we could even resort to having it pre-filled in a form with
> an Ajax callback if you've commented before.

I'll have to read more about this.  Are there any docs on how/when typo does
static content?


Brian Ellin
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