[typo] multiple blogs in typo ?

Sean Mountcastle smountcastle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 00:22:02 EST 2006

> > Is there a possibility for a patch with all of this in it?
> Sure, though I'd like to get things working before releasing a patch.  
> Hopefully by the end of next weekend (1/8) I can get a patch together.
> I'm not sure if the Typo team would be interested in such a patch,
> but I'll put it out there for all of the folks looking to host multiple
> blogs with a single Typo install.

As promised, I've put a copy of a patch against Typo 821 (the most 
current version from the SVN trunk as of right now).  This is still in a
very rudimentary state and I'm sure there are a bunch of bugs
(particular with the sidebars).  I'm not sending this patch to the Typo
maintainers because I haven't written any tests yet nor have I resolved
known bugs -- but I've received several private emails from folks
interested in this sort of functionality, so hopefully getting this patch
out there will get folks more interested in contributing so that functionality
makes it into Typo (if the core team is interested in supporting 
multiple blogs with a single install).

Here's the link, the file is 12k. 

I don't have a huge bandwidth quota,
so if the demand for this file grows too large, I'll have to find another
place to host it.


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