[typo] comments with created_at field wrong?

Maurizio Lemmo - Tannoiser tannoiser at tenzione.it
Wed Jan 4 06:50:39 EST 2006

* martedì 03 gennaio 2006, alle 21:35, Chris Nolan.ca scrive:
> You guys are both the other side of the GMT so I'm thinking it has  
> something to do with positive timezones but it's hard to say without  
> seeing some more data.
> If you leave two comments in a row, are they both off, and by the  
> same amount?
> What is your config.active_record.default_timezone set to in your  
> config/environment.rb if you're running rails 1.0?

Hi Chris.

First, i haven't config.active_record.default_timezone because I run an
untouched version of typo 2.6.0.

Anyway, a take a look around and made some test.

For what I can say, this could be a time rappresentation issue.

I've my pgsql db encoded in latin1 (I'm italian, i need this set for
some char encoding).

I notice that created_at (and updated_at, also...) is defined as
"timestamp". AFAIK, timestamp format, in postgresql, don't bring the
timezone information.

I always use "timestamp with time zone" that do the job.

Because postgres in debian is version 7.4.7, we don't have an easy way
to change datatype. I've to rename old column, create new one, copy
data, and drop the old.

Before do this, i'd like an opinion of us.

Make sense for you guys? If this is the trouble, i suggest to change the
schema in this way.

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