[typo] comments with created_at field wrong?

Maurizio Lemmo - Tannoiser tannoiser at tenzione.it
Tue Jan 3 19:34:40 EST 2006

Greeting to all the list members.

I'm experienced a strange issue, and honestly i can't say if it is an
error of mine, or what.

I run typo 2.6.0 with rails 1.0 on debian sarge (postgresql as rdbms).

When i wrote article, all went ok.
When someone, including me, leave a comment, the field "created_at"
seems wrong, and i've to fix it by hand.

I've not recognize a pattern. It's just wrong. Localtime are correctly
configurated, for my timezone (CET) ie: 

mizio at samael:~$ date
Wed Jan  4 01:25:04 CET 2006

the "updated_at" seems perfect. But because the comments order is showed
from "created_at" field, it's messy.

It could be related to some browser's cache issue?
It is something that i missed at configuration time?

I've searched in typo's ticket and in past messages, but seems nothing
apply to this stuff.

Thank you in advice. I apologize for my english, i'm not english native.

                          Maurizio - Tannoiser - Lemmo
                 Founder Member of ERLUG http://erlug.linux.it
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