[typo] multiple blogs in typo ?

Sean Mountcastle smountcastle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 11:17:21 EST 2006


> Is there a possibility for a patch with all of this in it?

Sure, though I'd like to get things working before releasing a patch.  
Hopefully by the end of next weekend (1/8) I can get a patch together.
I'm not sure if the Typo team would be interested in such a patch,
but I'll put it out there for all of the folks looking to host multiple
blogs with a single Typo install.

I finally figured out themes.  There's a route setup for the 
ThemeController so that's why I was seeing /stylesheets/theme/foo.css.
I had to modify ThemeController.render_theme_item to call 
Theme.current_theme_path(account). Once I did this I would see
multiple themes for different blogs working sporadically ... disabling
caching makes it work always.  Though I'm not sure if commenting out
  # caches_page :stylesheets, :javascript, :images
is a good idea for performance ... hopefully the browser is smart
about caching these items.


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