[typo] How to get "Read More" link

Paul Ingles pauli at perfectinfo.com
Mon Feb 27 10:34:30 EST 2006

Well, there's the extended content box - anything placed in which will
ordinarily only be viewable when clicking to view a post.


Although my current theme (hemingway from the Typogarden contest)
doesn't really make it abundantly clear that there is more content to
follow - I've resorted to just wording the normal text to indicate
there's more, then the user can click the usual links to make their way
through to the post.





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Hi all,

Is there anyway I can limit the number of words in a given entry? Like,
show them a little description, followed by a link  "Read More".
Clicking on which will lead to the actual article. Sorry if this has
been asked before, I couldn't find anything on the archives.


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