[typo] Aggressive Caching of admin screens?

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Thu Feb 16 10:24:32 EST 2006

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 03:16:10PM +0000, Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a typo blog running for the last month or so (2.6.0).  I've got
> one problem that I haven't been able to track down though.
> Whenever I go to the admin screen to create a new post,
> (/admin/content/new), the time is "stuck" at some point in the past.
> Even a shift-refresh won't reset it.  This only happens in production
> mode -- everything works fine in development.
> I'm running under Apache 2.2 / mod_fastcgi (yes, I know, I should use
> lighty ;-)
> I've had a look through the Agile Web Development book, but I can't find
> any reason why that page should be cached.  It looks to me like typo
> doesn't use the Rails caching at all, but just has its own mechanism for
> storing the pages.
> In short: I've got no idea why this is happening.  Has anybody else even
> seen this?

Actually, it's definitely something odd going in ActiveRecord.  Look at

    % ruby script/console production
    Loading production environment.
    >> Article.new.created_at
    => Thu Feb 16 15:16:58 UTC 2006
    >> sleep 60
    => 60
    >> Article.new.created_at
    => Thu Feb 16 15:16:58 UTC 2006

That's not right, I should get a new created_at time when I ask for a
new article...


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