[typo] Attachments and the SVN repository

Syed Uzair Aqeel uzair at nairang.org
Wed Feb 15 18:31:47 EST 2006

Err...I'm confused.

1) I attached a document on my computer to a blog entry and then hit the
'store' button in the admin interface. Sure enough, it shows up under
resources. There was a little '-' next to it, so I clicked it, which
apparently made it publicly available. However, when I view the entry on my
blog, the attachment does not show up. Have I misunderstood how to use this
feature? Could this have to do with the theme I'm using (Hemingway)? (OK, I
should really check that last one myself, but I have spotty internet
connectivity right now.

2) I can't hit the SVN repository at svn://leetsoft.com/typo/trunk. I notice
Tobias' website has a be-back-soon message and that Typo seems to have
shifted home -- do I need to update to point to a different URL?

Like I said, I'm confused...double :)

Many thanks,


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