[typo] Admin usability patch

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Fri Dec 29 05:56:58 EST 2006

On Dec 29, 2006, at 4:35 AM, Frederic de Villamil wrote:

>>> Le 24 déc. 06 à 09:48, Kevin Ballard a écrit :
>>>> * Spam Protection group has an uncapitalized second word
>>> I'll set this up in CSS with some text-transform : capitalize; to be
>>> sure this won't happen anymore.
>> That seems like overkill. Why not just fix it in the HTML?
> Because we don't have to care for someone forgetting a capital  
> letter in titles anymore. HTML gives the structure and content, CSS  
> gives the style and headach as well.

How often do you expect these groups to be edited? I'd say fairly  
rarely. Besides, I don't like it when the text itself gets changed  
due to CSS - capital letter or not, that's an actual character  
difference, not merely stylistic. That said, I'll leave it just  
because it really doesn't matter.

>>>> And the most annoying issue:
>>>> Labels don't vertically align with their checkboxes.
>>> Didn't notice this. OS and browser please ?
>> Safari, OS X 10.4.8.
> OK, got it.
> It's done too. Was a little bit ttricky to do it without Js because  
> Safari doesn't suport form styling with CSS.

It does in TOT webkit, but yeah, I guess that doesn't help now.

>>>> Incidentally, why move the labels on the left side of the
>>>> checkboxes? I prefer them on the right - that's how you see
>>>> checkboxes almost everywhere else.
>>> I just wanted to have all labels on the left, looks cleaner and it's
>>> easier to read IMHO. But this can be changed.
>> I tend to prefer labels on the right, so all the checkboxes line  
>> up appropriately, and the left edge doesn't look ragged. But it's  
>> just a personal preference.
> I've tried both, and putting the checkbox on the right of the  
> labels just look damn ugly.

Fair enough.

>>> If this patch is accepted, I'll start to send some more to have all
>>> the pages look cleaner. Admin is the worst thing in Typo with  
>>> content
>>> state management. But admin is what users see.
>>> Thank you for your feedback.
>> Sounds good.
>> -Kevin
>> <adminusability.ok2.diff>

Looks good.

We seem to be inconsistent about trailing colons on labels, so I  
fixed that up. I also changed a few words (for example, "news feed",  
not "rss feed"). I realize these predate your patch, but now's as  
good a time as any to fix it.

Oh wow, adding colons to a few of the items actually caused wrapping.  
Did you hand-tailor the width of this?

Incidentally, your patch included some trailing whitespace on lines.  
I fixed that, but you should watch that in the future.

Plus, try to watch soft vs. hard tabs


Ok, I just went over everything. It looks good, though I fiddled with  
the spacing slightly. I also reworked the comments in  
administration.css so it groups nicely in CSSEdit. Makes editing much  

Committed in revision [1329].

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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