[typo] Admin usability patch

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Thu Dec 28 04:51:42 EST 2006

On Dec 26, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Frederic de Villamil wrote:

> Le 24 déc. 06 à 09:48, Kevin Ballard a écrit :
>> * Spam Protection group has an uncapitalized second word
> I'll set this up in CSS with some text-transform : capitalize; to be
> sure this won't happen anymore.

That seems like overkill. Why not just fix it in the HTML?

>> And the most annoying issue:
>> Labels don't vertically align with their checkboxes.
> Didn't notice this. OS and browser please ?

Safari, OS X 10.4.8.

>> Incidentally, why move the labels on the left side of the
>> checkboxes? I prefer them on the right - that's how you see
>> checkboxes almost everywhere else.
> I just wanted to have all labels on the left, looks cleaner and it's
> easier to read IMHO. But this can be changed.

I tend to prefer labels on the right, so all the checkboxes line up  
appropriately, and the left edge doesn't look ragged. But it's just a  
personal preference.

> If this patch is accepted, I'll start to send some more to have all
> the pages look cleaner. Admin is the worst thing in Typo with content
> state management. But admin is what users see.
> Thank you for your feedback.

Sounds good.


Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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