[typo] Some basic SEO for typo blogs

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Tue Dec 5 11:12:11 EST 2006

Kevin Ballard wrote:
> Do either of these things actually *work* for SEO? Usually the
> conventional wisdom about SEO is wrong, and the stuff that goes into the
> head tag is getting less and less important. IIRC it seems the best
> thing to do is simply have valid HTML markup, with proper tag hierarchy
> (i.e. header tags followed by contents).
> If "post - blog" is better than "blog - post", why do so many sites use
> the latter?
> And putting all categories and archives into the header seems a bit
> excessive - that would be adding 20 lines to my header tag, and again,
> does it actually *do* anything?

I'm glad to see this for Typo.
The answer to your question ... well, I can't speak for the world but I can
speak for myself.  When I made these changes to my WordPress based Blog the
links and amount of google and other search engine references did increase.

Why do many sites use "blogname - post" rather than prioritize the title of
the post?  Perhaps because they haven;'t added the plug in to change it and
that's the default 'out of the box' or supplied by the hosting provider and
hence can't be changed.

As for putting the archive links in the header, this seems a default with
some WordPress themes.  It may seem a bit self referential, but once again,
speaking from my own experience, when I changed my WordPress based blog to
use this, the search engines seemed to reference my blog a lot more.

One way to tell - I got a lot more spam!

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