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Wes Moxam wildwildwes at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 14:17:50 EST 2006

I am very unhappy with textdrive (see my post on this:
http://blog.viarails.net/articles/show/8) and am looking for a replacement.
You might notice that I'm no longer running Typo because it was constantly
being killed due to ram restrictions (more current versions of typo may have
fixed this). When I switch hosts I will likely switch back to Typo.

These guys (http://highspeedrails.com/) seem to be good, but they are
currently sold out.  :(

-- Wes

On 12/2/06, Linda Derezinski <linda-list at i-sol.biz> wrote:
> I am very happy with TextDrive.
> -Linda
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> Sorry to ask a common question, but with the Typo Trac down, I can't
> look up the standard answers.  My wife is fed up with how slowly my home
> computer runs as a webhost, so I'd like to buy some sort of hosting.
> Dreamhost sounds almost perfect (except no PostgreSQL), but looking
> through old forums, it seems that DreamHost has been unreliable for Typo
> in the past.  Does anyone have Dreamhost success stories, or should I
> look elsewhere?
> Thank you very much.
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