[typo] Typo 4.x and acts_as_searchable

Señor J. Onion senor.j.onion at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 03:54:07 EST 2006

Hi this is weird, and don't know how to debug.

I had an old Typo installation. I upgraded it recently to 4.x. In both
I have acts_as_searchable on my Content model.

The old one starts up fine, the new one fails starting on WEBrick,
with  a 'method_missing' error on acts_as_searchable in my Content

Why - when I start the new Typo, does it even look at the Content
model?  On the old one, I can say acts_as_whatever_trevor and it
doesn't fire an  error when I start up WEBrick ...

I've added acts_as_searchable specifically to my environment.rb file
(path and require), but makes no difference.

As I said - all I did was upgrade my exisiting installtion to 4.x. Why
 can't the new Content model 'see' acts_as_searchabel, and why is it
even  wanting to when I start up WEBrick???

Any help ... pelase. It's driving me insane.


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