[typo] Page caching feed urls

Alastair Rankine arsptr at internode.on.net
Fri Aug 25 07:50:58 EDT 2006

On 24/08/2006, at 2:46 AM, Piers Cawley wrote:

> Some feedback here on people's experiences in this regard would be
> good.

Works for me.

I initially thought it was going to enable client-side caching - ie  
returning HTTP code 304 not modified instead of the entire feed - but  
then I realised you were talking about the server cache.

Just out of interest: does anyone else get feed caching on the client  
side? Maybe it's something wrong with my setup. I'm using an Apache  
proxy to mongrel, if it matters. Using NetNewsWire's Bandwidth Stats  
window to test.

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