[typo] Gallery support

tuomas at peippo.eu tuomas at peippo.eu
Thu Aug 24 13:45:18 EDT 2006

Quoting Ernie Oporto <ernieoporto at gmail.com>:

> Flickr gives you different sizes for each of the photos that act as links to
> your photo albums.  So there is no need to resize for thumbnails when they
> already do it for you.  You can just use the HTML they provide to make a
> typo page with these image links.  This effectively makes that typo page
> your photo album and then anyone interested in a particular photo set can
> follow the links through to Flickr where you have tagging capability.
> What I wish for is something that would generate HTML for a particular photo
> set that then links to Flickr, but as someone already said, the barrier to
> entry is already very very low and that's not a showstopper.

Well I'm sure that flickr is very good service and probably one of the
best. But I'm not talking about creating gallery application like
flickr. I simply want to keep my photos on my own server that is
located on same country than I and dont have any limitations about
usage. Yes I know that I can pay for flickr but I already pay for my
webspace so why would I need another one?

What I understand is that free version of flickr allows you to post
20MB of images or actually the 20MB is just the bandwith. So if you
send your uncropped versions to flickr you can't store that many
images per month. Of course you can manually resize your photos but
doesn't that make the flickr's automatic resizing pretty useless?

And if you want to have photos to show up on your site like a gallery
you need to manually paste the html from flickr everytime you upload
new photos, right?

Biggest problem for me tough is that besides the photos lives on some
US server far away. They(Yahoo) has the main control of what photos to
show and what not to and they can limit the free usage or even decide
to charge on every use. That might not be so likely but probably when
they got more and more users at some point they will be adding some
sort of ads to photos or perhaps they already do that?

So if you want to use flickr,zooomr or whatever please do but that has
nothing to do with adding (optional) gallery support to some existing
software, imho.

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