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Tom de Grunt tom at degrunt.nl
Wed Aug 23 18:02:10 EDT 2006

Hey All,

Recently I've tried Flickr as well as the typo plugins for putting  
photos on my blog, but what I found is that if I put more than 5  
photos on one page/article it would just stop processing and give a  
timeout (and I really tried fixing that!).  Nor did I really like the  
idea of putting all my photos on "some site" somewhere.

Maybe a shameless plug, but for the above reasons I have been working  
on my own iPhoto/Flickr clone in Ruby on Rails, which is currently  
still very limited:
- It has an API (but no api-keys like Flickr), it doesn't support the  
Flickr api's though they should be somewhat similar.
- The new version (in development) is supporting tags
- There is currently no support for manipulating the photos on the  

However, I did write a Typo plugin which allows me to do photo  
"popups" (uses lightbox.js) by "grabbing" individual photos or whole  
albums, for me it already does what it needs to do. I'm working on  
it, have not yet considered open-sourcing (but I might) and have some  
good ideas...

More information on it and on the Typo plugin can be found here:  


On Aug 21, 2006, at 11:15 PM, Piers Cawley wrote:

> Matt Rose <mattrose at folkwolf.net> writes:
>> On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, John Wang wrote:
>>> Is there a way to make the gallery a pluggable option so it's  
>>> easy to load
>>> for people that want it but not installed by default? Right now,  
>>> a growing
>>> number of sidebar plugins ship with Typo and, from what I've  
>>> seen, the vast
>>> majority of Typo installs don't use most of them. It seems that  
>>> Typo needs a
>>> way to have pluggable modules that don't ship with Typo. This  
>>> type of
>>> architecture would make the bloat argument a non-issue and  
>>> possibly even
>>> reduce the code by moving sidebars out of the core distribution.
>> I think this is what the aim is in 4.1  All of the sidebars are in  
>> the
>> vendor hierarchy, which would make installing new ones simple,
>> theoretically.  I haven't looked into the sidebar code itself, to  
>> see what
>> kind of database tie-ins exist, and how they work, but I think  
>> this is one
>> of the goals.
>>> Seems like making the gallery an optional add-on to Typo would  
>>> satisfy both
>>> camps: (a) those that want a gallery feature in Typo and (b)  
>>> those that want
>>> a Typo w/o the gallery. Is there an good way to do this?
>> That's the goal of a plug-in architecture.  Hopefully, this can be
>> achieved, without re-writing my sidebars too many more times ;)
> I *think* the current bleading edge API's going to be pretty constant
> for a while. And porting (the core) sidebars was a fairly painless
> process. I couldn't work out how to do it programmatically, but apart
> from that it was fine.
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