[typo] RESTful Typo

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Tue Aug 22 14:06:02 EDT 2006

On 8/22/06, Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk> wrote:
> "Trejkaz" <trejkaz at trypticon.org> writes:
> >> I can't promise they'll reliably end in admin I'm afraid. However,
> >> it shouldn't be beyond the bounds of possibility to tweak the 'require
> >> authentication' filter to redirect http URLs to https ones. Probably
> >> an environment.rb configuration, and definitely the neater solution.
> >
> > Yeah, agreed.  I wouldn't even need a single line of Apache configuration
> > then, and I suppose it would make the trick work on multiple web servers
> > while only having to write the redirection code once. :-)
> Oh, that's easy. We already have a redirection controller.

Yeah.  Typo's least-used feature :-).


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