[typo] Issues Running off of Trunk

Ben Reubenstein benr at x-cr.com
Tue Aug 22 10:33:15 EDT 2006

Hello ~

I upgraded to version 4.0 without any issues.  When the 1.1.6 release came
out, I did an svn update and then ran migrations.  When I fired up my blog
it would not work, and I had to adjust the find_blog method in blog.rb to:

  def self.find_blog(base_url)
    #Blog.find_by_base_url(base_url) ||
    #|| Blog.new

The phokus theme I was using stopped working, so I switched to the default
theme as a quick fix.  I now have all of my posts shown twice when I view
them.  Any ideas on why this sort of behavior is occuring would be a great

Thx in advance,

Ben Reubenstein
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