[typo] RESTful Typo

josh at hasmanythrough.com josh at hasmanythrough.com
Mon Aug 21 19:28:16 EDT 2006

Piers Cawley wrote:
> "Scott Laird" <scott at sigkill.org> writes:
>> I'm not completely sure that I see the point in switching URL formats.
>>  I actually *like* our permalink URLs, and frequently use
>> article/:year/:month to view a subset of the blog.  I may be in the
>> minority on this, though :-).
>> I can see moving to restful URLs for API-ish code like the feeds (and
>> then mirroring them with PUT, DELETE, to replace the admin interface),
>> but it's not clear to me that more restful permalink URLs really
>> achieves any particular goal.  Can you give a couple examples?
> As we discussed on GTalk, I think we can keep the current permalink
> URLs by introducing a 'posts' controller for the more APIish ways of
> monkeying with things.
> As an aside, I wonder if going RESTful would make implementing the
> Atom API any easier?

I really like Scott Raymond's writeup of how moving IconBuffet to REST
saved him a bunch of code.


If you can create a set of URLs that represent the same sets of resources
as the Atom API, I imagine that would be very useful for implementing the
Atom API.


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