[typo] Gallery support

mathew meta at pobox.com
Mon Aug 21 17:07:31 EDT 2006

tuomas at peippo.eu wrote:
> Quoting Lars Roland <lroland at gmail.com>:
>> That is s great idea - being able to control blog photos through a
>> application like f-spot (http://f-spot.org/) would be very nice. Do
>> any of the other major blogs done something like this ?, if so then
>> perhaps there is some API we could support.
> Yeah that sounds good but are there available any such apps that  
> supports some sort of photo uploading with categories and tags?

Flickr Uploadr.  Thanks to the Flickr API there are plenty of 3rd party 
applications (and plugins for apps like iPhoto) to make it really easy 
to resize and tag all your photos and upload them en masse, arranging 
them in groups with appropriate permissions, and even geocode them.

I would strongly suggest at least trying Flickr before reinventing this 
particular wheel. Like Scott, if you asked me what features I wanted in 
a Rails-based gallery package, I'd say "Start by implementing a clone of 
Flickr". Including the API if possible, so I could continue to use 
Flickr Uploadr.


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