[typo] Gallery support

Matt Rose mattrose at folkwolf.net
Mon Aug 21 15:18:21 EDT 2006

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, John Wang wrote:

> Is there a way to make the gallery a pluggable option so it's easy to load
> for people that want it but not installed by default? Right now, a growing
> number of sidebar plugins ship with Typo and, from what I've seen, the vast
> majority of Typo installs don't use most of them. It seems that Typo needs a
> way to have pluggable modules that don't ship with Typo. This type of
> architecture would make the bloat argument a non-issue and possibly even
> reduce the code by moving sidebars out of the core distribution.

I think this is what the aim is in 4.1  All of the sidebars are in the 
vendor hierarchy, which would make installing new ones simple, 
theoretically.  I haven't looked into the sidebar code itself, to see what 
kind of database tie-ins exist, and how they work, but I think this is one 
of the goals.

> Seems like making the gallery an optional add-on to Typo would satisfy both
> camps: (a) those that want a gallery feature in Typo and (b) those that want
> a Typo w/o the gallery. Is there an good way to do this?

That's the goal of a plug-in architecture.  Hopefully, this can be 
achieved, without re-writing my sidebars too many more times ;)


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