[typo] Gallery support

tuomas at peippo.eu tuomas at peippo.eu
Mon Aug 21 12:31:32 EDT 2006

Quoting Lars Roland <lroland at gmail.com>:

> That is s great idea - being able to control blog photos through a
> application like f-spot (http://f-spot.org/) would be very nice. Do
> any of the other major blogs done something like this ?, if so then
> perhaps there is some API we could support.

Yeah that sounds good but are there available any such apps that  
supports some sort of photo uploading with categories and tags?

> I do however detest the idea of not being able to do at least some
> minor gallery editing from inside the the typo admin interface -
> sometimes I am not on my main computer and still want to blog on
> something, so the support for photo management software should be
> optional, not required. I still think that adding resource categories
> (sub categories might be a different beast), is the best and easiest
> solution. Also it is a general scheme and is not limited to photos.

If you are going to use some sort of local app to handle all photos to  
server then of course you also need to access at least subset of those  
features from web interface.

I'm in favor on extending that resources handling to support different  
media better and then adding some existing or new API for handling  
photo manipulation in client applications.

Intgreating some existing gallery e.g. gallery2 to typo seems pretty  
overkill to me but I guess it depends how you do it. Plugins would be  
good but it would then  need creating some sort of plugin system first.

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