[typo] Sidebars in trunk

Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Mon Aug 21 12:19:28 EDT 2006

Matt Rose a écrit :
> Apparently, I'm masochistic, because I've written two custom sidebars, and 
> I'm running directly off of trunk.  This caused a whole bunch of fun when 
> I upgraded last night.  I actually had to go into the database and delete 
> sidebar entries by hand this morning.  This is actually fine, I expected 
> it, however, I wanted to get started on re-writing the sidebars for 4.1, 
> and I can't even find them anymore.  They're not in 
> components/plugins/sidebars.

I had the same issue yesterday, and I found them in /vendor/plugins

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