[typo] Gallery support

Lars Roland lroland at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 12:05:17 EDT 2006

On 8/21/06, Andy Ciordia <andy at ciordia.info> wrote:
> It's just eyeballs and opinions Lars.

Of cause, we are having a debate here

>  I use flickr but I also keep
> all my photos in a local gallery install because I still think sets
> of sets is a good idea (and I like my personal data backed up/
> local).

Same here

>  I think some way of
> tapping into a gallery install would be fantastic that didn't require
> me to keep lists of files, or outright directories, etc, in check.
> Rather that gallery (or insert some uncreated-local-able service)
> have an api and we just tap on that through typo or whatnot.

That is s great idea - being able to control blog photos through a
application like f-spot (http://f-spot.org/) would be very nice. Do
any of the other major blogs done something like this ?, if so then
perhaps there is some API we could support.

I do however detest the idea of not being able to do at least some
minor gallery editing from inside the the typo admin interface -
sometimes I am not on my main computer and still want to blog on
something, so the support for photo management software should be
optional, not required. I still think that adding resource categories
(sub categories might be a different beast), is the best and easiest
solution. Also it is a general scheme and is not limited to photos.

Lars Roland

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