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On 8/20/06, tuomas at peippo.eu <tuomas at peippo.eu> wrote:
> I have been thinking of implementing basic gallery support for typo.
> The main benefit of this would be that all site's data could be
> handled at same place and design would be the same over the site.
> Gallery should be simple to use and maintain. People who need some
> advanced features probably uses separate gallery software like
> gallery2 already so there is no need to try to have all possible
> features on earth implemented.
As others have mentioned, I recommend a separate gallery app which plays
nicely with Typo and with several functions that can be called from Typo for
easy display of a photo from the gallery either in the sidebar (a-la-Flikr
style), or in an individual post.

I would recommend that you look at ZenPhoto, which is a gallery in PHP that
integrates nicely with WordPress via two plugins (ZenShow and ZenPress). The
ZenPress plugin allows you to select a photo from your gallery while writing
an article, which IMO is a great way to do it.

As someone mentioned, there's a port of Apache gallery to Rails, so perhaps
a plugin can be written for Typo that integrates that nicely. That would be
better than using PHP Gallery (which is overly bloated for many people's
taste, especially those who like Rails apps).

That way you don't need any gallery admin functions in Typo itself. Just use
the gallery app for that, add photos to your galleries, and then pull them
in to your posts when you want them.  You can also use that to show random
photos from your gallery in your sidebar (for those who don't want to use
Flickr--I prefer to host my own photos).


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