[typo] Gallery support

tuomas at peippo.eu tuomas at peippo.eu
Mon Aug 21 05:38:38 EDT 2006

Quoting mathew <meta at pobox.com>:
> I just don't see gallery functionality as part of a weblog engine, any
> more than I see chat, news and e-mail as part of a web browser.

Well think of it more like photo handling feature not a fullblown gallery.

> I would say that that's a good argument for not building a gallery into
> typo at all: it means anyone who really wants gallery functionality will
> likely find the built-in functionality insufficient, so they'll end up
> paying the cost in bloat, without getting any benefit.
> That said, I don't object to gallery features in Typo as long as there's
> an easy way to rip them out.

Well idea was to create a simple "gallery" which would allow user to  
easily upload photos and show them on the web. There are lots of users  
that dont need any fancy gallery2 features and just want to show  
couple of photos nicely organized. E.g if you want to include photo in  
your post you would need to first create thumbnail for it and then  
upload them both to server and then use some textile(?) magic to get  
it showed.

I think better approach would be that typo would automatically create  
thumbnail for it and you could nicely link them to your post or show  
in complete separate page them all.

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