[typo] Gallery support

mathew meta at pobox.com
Sun Aug 20 21:02:07 EDT 2006

tuomas at peippo.eu wrote:
> I have been thinking of implementing basic gallery support for typo.  
> The main benefit of this would be that all site's data could be  
> handled at same place and design would be the same over the site.

I just don't see gallery functionality as part of a weblog engine, any 
more than I see chat, news and e-mail as part of a web browser.

> Gallery should be simple to use and maintain. People who need some  
> advanced features probably uses separate gallery software like  
> gallery2 already so there is no need to try to have all possible  
> features on earth implemented.

I would say that that's a good argument for not building a gallery into 
typo at all: it means anyone who really wants gallery functionality will 
likely find the built-in functionality insufficient, so they'll end up 
paying the cost in bloat, without getting any benefit.

That said, I don't object to gallery features in Typo as long as there's 
an easy way to rip them out.


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