[typo] Gallery support

Lars Roland lroland at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 15:31:23 EDT 2006

On 8/20/06, tuomas at peippo.eu <tuomas at peippo.eu> wrote:
> Main features:
> * Easily create and maintain many galleries
> * Upload system for easy/fast photo uploads
> * Exif support
> * Automatic thumbnail creation
> * Comments on albums/photos
> * Category support for photos and tags support if needed
> * Link albums/photos to posts
> The best way to do this or at least what I can think of is separate
> page for admin area for gallery administration.
> It should allow creating new galleries and organizing old ones. Moving
> photos to correct categories and so on.

A great Idea but I would much rather see a solution based on a
improved version of typo's current resource handling scheme, ideally I
would like to be able to use my blog in the following ways:

* Create a resource category called "vacation", mark its type as
gallery (enforces that only pictures gets uploaded), create a
subcategory named "Caribbean 2006" and start adding my photos there.
* Create a resource category called "source code", mark its type as
code (ideally makes sure that the code gets highlighted), create a
subcategory named "Ruby" and start adding ruby source files here.

The general form should be something like this:

* Create a resource category named XXX with an optional type.
* Type handlers are written to add extended support for certain areas
such as pictures (i.e. galleries with thumbnails, comments...), source
files (highlighting, comments...) and so on.
* Subcategory's are supported but optional thus we can add content to
both the top resource category and its children.
* Type should be inherited to subcategories

I would also like to add the type to my sidebar. Thus someone can
browse my blog and click pictures in my sidebar, select vacation and
get a nice overview of all my vacation galleries (i.e. thumbnails or
some other fancy stuff). For source files, we could just list them
according to subcategories.

just my 2 (euro) cents.

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