[typo] Gallery support

tuomas at peippo.eu tuomas at peippo.eu
Sun Aug 20 13:54:21 EDT 2006

I have been thinking of implementing basic gallery support for typo.  
The main benefit of this would be that all site's data could be  
handled at same place and design would be the same over the site.

Gallery should be simple to use and maintain. People who need some  
advanced features probably uses separate gallery software like  
gallery2 already so there is no need to try to have all possible  
features on earth implemented.

Main features:
* Easily create and maintain many galleries
* Upload system for easy/fast photo uploads
* Exif support
* Automatic thumbnail creation
* Comments on albums/photos
* Category support for photos and tags support if needed
* Link albums/photos to posts

The best way to do this or at least what I can think of is separate  
page for admin area for gallery administration.
It should allow creating new galleries and organizing old ones. Moving  
photos to correct categories and so on.

Before organizing photos we actually need to upload those first.  
Simplest way probably would be to reuse "resources" for this. I think  
more proper way would be to create new upload system to gallery page  
where you could upload multiple photos and assign categories/tags  
easily. You may also want some alternative way of uploading photos  
like manually copying to some location on server and then selecting  
them in typo.

You can organize photos to different categories(albums) and add some  
basic information. Exif information is automatically parsed and showed  
on page. Photos are showed using lightbox.js but that may restricts  
the usage somewhat. E.g. where you show the photo information and  
possible comments? The gallery as the visitor sees it is very  
simplistic and should perhaps use current theme's properties if  

These are just some fast typed notes about what kind of gallery  
support I would like to see in typo. All comments and criticism are  
more than welcome.

I'm posting this here in hope that I could get some sort of  
understanding whether this is a feature that has even a slight change  
to get included in typo.

-Tuomas Peippo

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