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Linda Derezinski linda at innovatesolutions.com
Fri Aug 18 00:52:56 EDT 2006

We are on TextDrive.com and using Mongrel (and quite happy with them)

On 8/18/06 12:43 AM, "Pascal Belloncle" <psq at nanorails.com> wrote:

> Good to hear it works in your case too.  Time to enter a patch in trac.  I
> also have a few tweaks to trackbacks and pingbacks as each one uses 2 threads
> while one would be plenty.
> That fix is deceptivly simple but it took me long hours to track it down.  The
> best part of it, though, is that I now have a much better understanding of
> rails observers, dependencies, dispatching and initialization code.  And I
> learned quite a bit on the internals of typo too. :)
> I wish I could use mongrel as well, but with DreamHost, I'm stuck with fcgi.
> Not for lack of trying various sneaky ways, but so far no luck.  Their setup
> of apache is just too locked down.
> Pascal
> http://blog.nanorails.com <http://blog.nanorails.com/>
> On 8/17/06, Trejkaz <trejkaz at trypticon.org> wrote:
>>> > The way to workaround this is to setup your observers in
>>> > ApplicationController instead of environment.rb adding this line to the
>>> > app/controllers/application.rb:
>>> >
>>> >  observer :content_observer, :email_notifier, :web_notifier
>>> >
>>> > I'm still testing the patch before I use it on my site and I'm guessing
>>> > that's probably an oversight from the rails code, but the workaround seems
>>> > to work for me.
>> Hey, works for me too!  Thanks for that. :-)
>> FWIW, I'm using Mongrel to run my development instance.  I use FastCGI for
>> production still because I'm too lazy to reconfigure my Apache.
>> TX
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