[typo] Email notification of comments

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Thu Aug 17 22:11:14 EDT 2006

> Trejkaz,
> You need to set up your mail server information in config/mail.yml for
> email notification to work.  See mail.yml.example for the format of
> the file.  Hope this helps.

I don't particularly care about mail notifications as I've only ever used
the Jabber notifications.  But I've put a breakpoint in the function that
sends Jabber notifications and that breakpoint is never reached.  See my
previous mail to this list for further details; I actually put breakpoints
in a huge number of places and found that the method which iterates over
the users to see if they want notifications isn't even being called.

Incidentally I'm talking about trunk here.  It's possible that 4.0.x works
and then a bug was introduced on trunk after it was branched.


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