[typo] Cache and Mongrel Rails

Linda Derezinski linda at innovatesolutions.com
Wed Aug 16 12:39:22 EDT 2006

Sorry would help to describe the issue wouldn't it :)

We were able to reproduce the mongrel issue with the out of the box 2.6.
one user adds a comment and the second user will not see it.  I found from
the logs that the page was being served up via the cache. I added a logger
info message when the page was actually rendered.   I wish I could give you
step 1, step 2 directions but it seemed to be some sort of a race condition.

I read through this http://scottstuff.net/presentations/rails-caching/ which
I though confirmed the issues with the before_filters. (hummm wonder who
that guy is :)

In our specific app it is much easier to see, we added RBAC (Role Based
Access control).  So a user has to log in before being able to see the blog.
In the title we added "Welcome User Name".  User one logs in and sees
welcome User One.  User two logs in and sees Welcome User One.  Sometimes
the user wasn't even challenged to log in and somehow hijacked someone
else's session.

When I cleared out the temp/cache/META directory then the problem would go
If you have time, lots of gory config details are here

With the cache turned off speed is a little bit of an issue, however we have
chosen to ignore that for now.

Hopefully you will tell me that I have something messed up in the


On 8/16/06 12:06 PM, "Scott Laird" <scott at sigkill.org> wrote:

> It's worked fine for me in testing.  Which version of Typo, and what
> do you mean by "work correctly"?
> Scott
> On 8/16/06, Linda Derezinski <linda at innovatesolutions.com> wrote:
>> Anyone using Mongrel Rails with Typo?
>> We ended up having to turn off caching to get it to work correctly.  Anyone
>> else have some insight?
>> -Linda
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