[typo] More medium/long term Typo goals

Timothy Freund tim at digital-achievement.com
Tue Aug 15 01:17:19 EDT 2006

I just filed ticket #1085.

The Aggregator object, in addition to RSS 2.0, has basic support of Atom 
feeds.  More importantly it logs errors to the application log so that 
users have some starting point to work from when dealing with sidebars 
that won't display.  So it is verbose, but hopefully in a constructive way.

I included Flickr and 43Things model implementations as examples of how 
subclassing the Aggregator class works.

The Aggregator class has a field called errors.  I use that to collect 
errors that I then look for in the unit tests, but I can also imagine 
one day exposing those errors in the admin console.  If a user was 
confronted with "Error opening url ($FEED_URL): 404" while configuring a 
sidebar they will be more likely to fix the problem without becoming 

Any comments or suggestions are very appreciated.



Piers Cawley wrote:
> Timothy Freund <tim at digital-achievement.com> writes:
>>As a follow up to this goal, I'd like to see better error handling in 
>>the sidebars.  I'll help too -- I just wanted to talk over the issue 
>>before writing a bunch of code in seclusion.
>>I was recently contacted by someone who was having trouble configuring 
>>their sidebars, and most of the problems came down to bad input values. 
>>  He was frustrated because the values were accepted, but nothing was 
>>displayed in his blog, and no warnings appeared in either the admin 
>>console or the server logs.
>>After looking at some of the RSS based sidebar plugins (Flickr, 
>>delicious, etc), there's a lot code that looks like it was 
>>copy-and-pasted.  I've started figuring out how to refactor the common 
>>RSS code into one place.  Sometime in the next few days I will have 
>>collected enough coding time to have a patch available for review.
>>Piers, let me know how I can help best without stepping all over
>>your toes.
> Well, I'm planning on rejigging the way sidebars work to eliminate the
> controller, but I'm also aiming to make the change in such a way that
> most of the code that's now in controllers can port over to a model in
> a fairly straightforward fashion.
> So, I'd suggest continuing with the work you're doing and I'll
> incorporate it when the time comes.
> I've got some more work to do on the feedback page (better filtering
> of what's there) before I start in on sidebars.

Timothy Freund

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