[typo] textfilter error in SVN v1219

Ernie Oporto ernieoporto at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 12:46:36 EDT 2006

I upgraded last week to Rails 1.1.6 because of all the security warnings and
it has worked OK on my blog running v1004.
So, I thought now might be the time to move to a new typo version.
On a test server with a clone of my production database, I did "svn update"
to bring me to v1219 since I want something v4.0.X.
I also did the "rake migrate RAILS_ENV=production" which worked flawlessly.
I restarted the server having made sure all old fcgi's were gone in between
stop and start.
I'm using Azure to be most compatible, but Scribbish also sees the same
I still haven't gotten to a 4.0.X version that is completely clean for me.
But these two seem to be the last issues...

When I then authenticate into blog/admin, I get the following.  Is there
possibly a gem that might be missing or something known not to migrate from

ActionView::TemplateError (uninitialized constant
Admin::BaseHelper::TextFilter) on line #125 of
122:         <p class="note">Typo supports a number of text filtering
options.  To add new filters, see the "filters" tab on the toolbar
123:       <p>
124:         <select name="setting[text_filter]" id="text_filter">
125:           <%= options_for_select text_filter_options,
TextFilter.find_by_name(this_blog.text_filter) %>
126:         </select>
127:         <label for="text_filter">Article filter</label>
128:       </p>

Also, there is an article that I can view in a catagory...
but not as an individual article...

and no error is produced for that last one.  The sidebars and rest are
displayed OK.

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