[typo] Typo's memory footprint

Paul R Brown paulrbrown at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 04:48:28 EDT 2006

Steve --

> I posted a follow up showing some more specfic memory hogs.  I  
> haven't been able to get anyone involved with RubyGems to clue me  
> into why it needs so much memory, yet.  Anyone that reads this and  
> can provide me some insight as the runtime shenanigans of RubyGems  
> please do leave a comment on my site or feel free to send me an  
> email directly mocking me :-)

Well done.  I only recently started having the same issues with  
TextDrive and went through a similar kind of wander:


FWIW, it would be useful to have the ObjectSpace-style profiler  
integrated into the admin pages as an option.  (Click a link, get a  

Paul R Brown
paulrbrown at gmail.com

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