[typo] Notifications not working, can't figure out why

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sat Aug 12 19:25:23 EDT 2006

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Hi people.

I've synced the current trunk into my local branch so that I can  
merge in my local changes and see about updating my real blog.  But  
during testing I found an issue which is a bit of a show-stopper:  
notifications are never sent, not for articles nor comments.

Now, this isn't a Jabber issue like the Jabber4R issue because I'm  
running with my local modifications to use XMPP4R instead.  I tested  
that part and it worked as expected.  So it rules out the only code  
I've modified which was suspicious.

I then went into the console and manually created a comment using:

     Article.find_first.comments.create!(:author => 'Tester', :body  
=> 'Test body')

When this is run, the notifications are sent out correctly, so I now  
know it isn't an issue with the model.

So that leaves an issue with the controller, but I'm not sure how to  
investigate this at the moment.  All the functional tests pass, of  
course, as is usually the case with strange issues like this.

I scattered some breakpoints and debugging statements all over the  
place and discovered that Content#send_notifications method isn't  
called when using the frontend, but _is_ called when using the  
console.  And that's as far as I get -- I can't figure out who's  
supposed to call that method nor why they're not calling it.

So I'm looking for some tips.  What does the frontend do that's  
different from how I would manually create an article or a comment?


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